Save Forests in Punjab

We are all very well aware of the last remaining forests in Punjab is under attack.

One just needs to see how newspapers Indian Express, The Tribune, Times of India, Economic Times, etc are questioning the project of an Industrial Park by PUDA.

As has been seen in the past as well as presently, the goverment does’t listen to its people.

What can the citizens do to save forests? How can the citizens fight against the authorities?

Imagine if a NGO can launch a awareness program and try to buy the forest land in question.
Financing can be raised by asking members to donate to a central fund.
Once the land is bought, it is divided into units of one square foot amximum. Then the 1 sq foot units are randomly allocated to all donors in proportions of the money they donated. No more than 2 concecutive units are allocated to any one donor. So no person can claim as they will never have more than 2 square feet aggregated together. With thousands of eco-warriors donating, the NGO will in return put their names in the Land Registery deeds. This will discourage all future goverments to sell or lease the land as it will have to contact all the parties concerned.

This will make this land as ‘disputed land’ for ever. disputed land for the humans but a paradise for the nature.