Links to Sikh websites

We have decided to create a list of all websites that are about Sikhi, Sikhs and by the Sikhs.

There are so many websites created especially by Sikhs about Sikhs and Sikhi. Let it be a list of Sikh gurdwaras, directory of Sikh NGOs, all the way to Books and historical documents on Sikhs and Sikhi.

GSC is a non-political independent organization that believes in Sikh tenets and beliefs under the guidance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. GSC intends to provide a global platform to form synergy so that social, economic, and religious efforts done by our various member organizations reach globally. GSC from time to time does comment on situations and or issues related to Sikhs worldwide.

Largest directory of Sikh NGOs, Associations, Clubs, Foundations, Societies, and Charities from all over the world.

Sikh Timeline – Understanding the Origin of Sikhism. Our mission is to create fertile ground for all Sikhs and non Sikhs of every corner of the world to share their knowledge and collaborate on this unique platform. Our efforts are to understand the environment of Punjab over the times thru’ its: Rulers, Politics, Policies, … Customs, Beliefs, Ceremonies, … Social structure, Caste system, Clans, …etc…