Dashcams can kill corruption

Two days after Punjabi actor and activist Deep Sidhu died in a road accident after his Mahindra Scorpio allegedly rammed into a truck on Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) highway in Sonepat, police Thursday arrested the truck driver in the case…. Jaspal Singh, station house officer (SHO) of Kharkhoda police station, said the accused truck driver admitted during questioning that the incident took place due to his negligence.
“He claimed the truck was moving and he hit the brake due to negligence on his part, following which the Scorpio rammed into rear of his truck,” he said. (source: https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/deep-sidhu-killed-road-accident-truck-driver-arrested-7779109/)

After the death of respected activist Deep Sidhu, much of the global Sikh community openly declared they believe he was murdered by the Indian state because of his advocation for Sikh sovereignty. Since then, details around his death are furthering concerns about how Sidhu died. Here we share some of those discrepancies. (Source: https://www.sikhpa.com/discrepancies-emerge-regarding-deep-sidhus-death/)

We would have known better what exactly happened if we had eyewitnesses or if it had been filmed. This could have made the picture clear and avoided all rumors.

So what is the solution to problems like this in future?
I recommend we follow the Russian peoples example.
Now imagine if all vehicles on the road had a dashcam (video camera fitted on dashboard inside the car). We would have been able to reconstruct how the accident happened with the help of the videos filmed by all the cars following Sidhu’s car and those coming from the opposite direction. Analysis of video images would have helped to find the real culprits.

This can Help the police solve cases faster and fairly. Everybody will behave better because they know they might be filmed, saving hundreds of lives as well as thousands being harassed by the law enforcement agencies.
See the text below:
Because almost everyone in Russia has a dash-mounted video camera in their car. The sheer size of the country, combined with lax – and often corrupt – law enforcement, and a legal system that rarely favors first-hand accounts of traffic collisions has made dash cams all but a requirement for motorists.15 Feb 2013
https://www.wired.com › 2013/02
Why Almost Everyone in Russia Has a Dash Cam – WIRED

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