Kamaljit Singh Ahluwalia

This morning, we received a message stating that our friend Kamaljeet Singh ji Ahluwialia fall victim to Covid-19.

KS Ahluwalia, was always available to help all Sikhs and non Sikhs alike and was always working for the well being of Sikh Panth. He was a great educationist, motivator, scholar, writer and a mentor for Sikhs as well as non-Sikhs. He was frank in communicating and spoke his mind without fear.

KS actively offered his expertise – Sewa’ impartially to various Sikh Social, Economic, Historical and Religious institutes and platforms

We pray, Akalpurakh to bless Harpreet Kaur ji with abundant energy and strength to face this unrepairable and huge loss.
Dear Kamal your endless contribution for the Sikh community will not go in vain, 

His writings at World Sikh News

For his motivational videos please see his youtube channel: