Modern Golak ( ਗੋਲਕ )

Who doesn’t know the attractivity of Golaks (donation boxes) in everyGurdwara. We have heard a lot of stories about stealing of Golaks, from Golaks as well as stealing of money when the Golaks are opened to count the donations from the public.

See a few examples on youtube:

Here comes in the Modern Golak. It is nothing but a cash deposit machine disguised as a Golak. It will accept currency notes and coins.

It ca have the following features:

  • Accepts coins and notes like a cash deposit machine at the bank
  • Has a button on the public side to print a receipt (if the person making the donations want one)
  • It has a display on one side for the management to know the total cash at any given point. so no more guessing !
  • A menu button on the side for the management to print a receipt of the total at the end of the day, month, year or at any moment.
  • No more temptations to steal money from the Golak and full transparency for the Parbhandak committee and the public.
  • An electronic anti-temper / movement alarm makes it safe from thieves
  • It can even have a finger print scanner security access to know who actually opened it or if the management requires a presence of one or more people when the Golak is opened.

Sacha sauda ( ਸਚਾ ਸੌਦਾ ) of Guru Nanak finally comes into the Gurdwaras.

All suggestions and comments are welcome !