Books Day – Offer a book to your friends

This morning I received the image below over the face book from one of the kids in our family in India.
Should we not make the World Book Day as a new special day of our lives by offering a book to our family members, friends and colleagues. This will be just like the valentines day rose we offer to our loved ones.

Roses spread love
Books spread knowledge & respect.

World Book Day – April 23

Spreading books will spread knowledge and give us all a chance to do this Sewa. So I request you all to choose your favorite book, sign it and offer it . This shows not only you are spreading knowledge but also showing you love them, respect them and want them to grow in their life.

Offering a book to our love ones and friends is not just a gift of love or friendship, It’s a GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE we are spreading to the world. Let’s do it as a Sikh in particular and make a real difference.

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