Ride Sewa

This is wondeful idea by Amarjit Singh Anand of New York:

One could, possibly, be about providing “Ride-Sewa”, for the elderly and those with minor handicaps, who want to pay obeisance at Gurdwara Sahib, once or twice a week. A list of “Volunteer Congregants”, from the vicinity, who visit Gurdwara Sahib, anyway, could be maintained.

Ride Sewa is a great idea as it will also bring the community together by:

  • making people spend traveling time together
  • chatting and getting to know each other
  • saving the planet earth by reducing pollution
  • Last but not the least helping each other thru’ this sewa

Gurdeep Singh Kundan from Switzerland further suggested:
People could offer this service to bring/drop the elderly and those with minor handicaps and pay Rikshawalas to give them the ride. Even Rikshawalas themselves could offer this sewa to the needy for free. This even gives a poor Rikshawala a possibility to offer some sewa and not only the rich.

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