Philippines: Abuloy

Abuloy Sympathy

When you hear news of someone passing away, you may have felt the need to comfort the family and kin of the departed. One of the most practical ways to support them during their time of grief is through monetary assistance. This Filipino tradition is called “Abuloy”.

Death of a dear one is already a shock and great loss for the near and dear ones but can be a disaster if the dead was the sole earner in the family. Can you imagine what the family must be feeling?
One cannot bring back the dead but can sure help the the family of the departed by contributing thru’ financial assistance.

“Abuloy” is a widely practiced Filipino tradition which has gone beyond families. Even in offices, envelopes are passed around when someone experiences a death in the family. Some private companies even offer death assistance among their employee benefits.

I request all Sikhs to :

accept the tradition of Abuloy rather than being a burden on the dead persons family
do not expect jalebis, pakoras and samosas with tea from the grieving family
Pray for the departed soul and support the family especially if there are small children.

I am looking forward for you constructive comments and valuable suggestions. Don’t hesitate to talk about it with your friend and see how they react!