Time Capsule

Rrenovating my wife’s old family house located in the Swiss Alps, we have decided to bury a ‘Time Capsule’. The house was built around 1909-10 and now its going thru’ a complete renovation where we are keeping the external envelope (roof and walls), rest all will be redone.

The idea behind is to leave a snapshot of our time for the future generations. Here is the list of thing we plan to burry somewhere in the house hoping it will be untouched for atleast a century or more. The time capsule will be in atleast two parts.

The list includes:

  • A letter to the future generations
  • Old and current photographs of the village and tthe family
  • Maps local, national and world
  • Coins from different countires
  • Swiss coins and currency
  • copy of a newspaper with news about Covid-19 and a mask
  • A working Laptop filled with photos, videos of historical/general interest including food recipes, fashion, family history, Sikh history, etc….
  • A Mobile phone

What do you think? What would you suggest to add to the list?

Please send all your ideas and suggestions

Items to be added:

  • Rs 550/- coin to celebrate 550years of GuruNanak’s birth – donated by Dr Jasvir singh of New York
  • My old passports (Indian & Swiss), fashion magazine, supermarket food weekly sales, – suggested by Lore Hyaat
  • Tourism maps & brochures
  • Copy of Kirpan, Kangha, Kara, and Japuji Sahib – suggested by GS Kundan of Switzerland