Leadership for the Good !

Imagine a world where you have been helping people and now you can do more of it with less constrains !

Hundreds of good hearted people came out during the tough times of Covid19 to hepl others in many different ways. These have been distribution of food supplies, langars, masks for protection, medicine, etc…

These beautiful souls helped and gave hope to thousands. They proved we can live in a society where ‘we’ comes before ‘I’.

Now we elect people who promise to do good for the society. Let’s inverse the process now and elect people who started to help others selfishlessly. Imagine a society where if you want to be a leader than you prove it first with your acts and not promises. People can finally choose a representative who wants to work for the people and not just for his family & friends.

if we all can collect all NGOS working in Punjab bring them under one roof n ask them to form a political party, they will truly represent the People of Punjab. As all the NGOs r working around the clock for past few months n thinking that they have no political background…only if we could encourage n mobilize

Dr Bhupender Kaur
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So my friends, I request you to reflect on this idea proposed by Dr. Bhupender Kaur from Hyderabad and write to us your suggestions. Lets create a change.

see www.Smartsikh.org

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