Perfect Gurdwara Building

The perfect Gurdwara building is may be a dream but one can try to see what is possible.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things Sangat can take into account while thinking of building a Gurdwara:


  • Direction and signs
  • Parking access
  • Are the front and back entry gates large enough for the fire Services
  • Paths from parking to main entry
  • Running water to wash feet
  • Reception facilities including shoe storage, luggage deposit and hand washing facilities
  • Wheelchair access from parking to Darbar sahib hall via reception
  • Reception to Darbar hall path
  • Darbar hall setup, decoration, donation boxes/receipts system
  • Seating facilities for the aged / handicapped
  • Sound system quality and media screens
  • Ventilation
  • Washbasin for Pathis behind the Palki
  • Quality and knowledge of Sikhi of the priests
  • Darbar hall to Langar hall passage
  • Langar service
  • Kitchen setups
  • Hygiene
  • Management
  • Sarowar facilities if available
  • Living facilities for the Pathi (priest) and his family
  • Overall budgeting of building and maintenance (including the running costs)
  • Crisis management example providing services without donations

Please let us know if we missed any thing. We want this to be list of reference so that nobody can say ‘ Sorry we didn’t think about it ! ‘